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JetStar Airways flies to over 38 destinations. Most JetStar Airways flights are for destinations in Australia but there are flights to several other countries as well, like for example Indonesia and Vietnam. JetStar has its base in Singapore from where 33 flights depart every week. Popular destinations for JetStar flights are to Melbourne and Sydney. Utiket has a lot more information about JetStar Airways and we can help you to find the best price.

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  2. ticket JetStar Airways - Sydney Flights JetStar to
  3. ticket JetStar Airways - Melbourne Flights JetStar to
  4. ticket JetStar Airways - Ho Chi Minh City Flights JetStar to
    Ho Chi Minh City
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    Denpasar Bali
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    Gold Coast
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  15. ticket JetStar Airways - Kuala Lumpur Flights JetStar to
    Kuala Lumpur
  16. ticket JetStar Airways - Hanoi Flights JetStar to

Rules and information for JetStar Airways

  1. Free Checked baggage JetStar:Free Checked baggage
  2. JetStar IATA Code: JQ
  3. Based in :Australia

About JetStar Airways

Jetstar Airways is an Australian low-cost airline headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It is a subsidiary of Qantas. The airline operates an extensive domestic network as well as regional and international services from its main base at Melbourne Airport, using a mixed fleet of narrow- and wide-body aircraft.

Parent company Qantas also has stakes in sister companies Jetstar Asia Airways and Valuair in Singapore (via its stake in Orange Star); and Jetstar Pacific Airlines in Vietnam.

Jetstar offers either pre-purchased meals on board or buy on board service with food and beverages. Portable in-flight entertainment devices are available for an extra fee.

baggageBaggage allowance

Each passenger can bring into the cabbin one standard bag with a maximum weight of 10 kg.

Please be aware that in the price of JetStar Airways tickets is not included any checked baggage. If you want to check-in a bag, you have to pay a fee. This differs per flight, please check the website of JetStar Airways before placing your booking.

informationCancellations, name changes and refunds

The rules for cancellations and flight changes depend on the type of ticket you buy. For the cheapest fare types, JetSaver and JetPlus, no cancellations or route changes are possible. Change of flight date and passenger name are allowed, but only 24 hours before departure and for a certain fee.

For the more expensive fare types, JetFlex and International StarClass, you can cancell your ticket, make changes to your route, flight date and passenger names on the ticket.

Please check the Jetstar website for the latest details.

bookingNews about JetStar Airways

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    29 Nov

    Kuala Lumpur to

    MYR 517.66
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    20 Nov

    Bangkok to
    Denpasar Bali

    MYR 736.48
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    12 Dec

    Kuala Lumpur to

    MYR 151.16
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    25 Nov

    Singapore to

    MYR 410.77
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    19 Dec

    Denpasar Bali to
    Kuala Lumpur

    MYR 685.62
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    MYR 508.94
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    MYR 320.89
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