How to Reserve Tickets via Utiket

How to Reserve Tickets via Utiket

In today's world, a lot of things can be done with practically, including flight ticket bookings. Through website you can easily check the price with the price comparison of all airlines. So you no longer need to check on the airline websites one by one to select the cheapest ticket prices. Isn’t it practical? Not only that, once you get the cheapest price you can directly make a reservation ticket. It is true not sell tickets, only ticket information but you can still make a reservation ticket through one partner Utiket or directly to the airline. How do you do it? It's easy, see explanation below.

Ticket Price Check

The first thing you should do is to check ticket prices for your flight route through Select Flight Tickets on its bar menu and then enter the date of your flight. Do not forget to enter the number of passengers you need. After clicking search, you will find ticket prices of all airlines serving the route. The default sequence is starting from the cheapest up to the most expensive price. Choose the most suitable price for you. Do not forget to also check the departure time and you can get facilities like luggage or a free snack.

Reserve Tickets

For ticket reservation you simply click on the message and you will get two options, a direct order to the airline or book through one Utiket partner in your town. If you choose to book through the airline then the airline website you click on the link that has been provided and you will automatically be connected directly to the airline website. If you choose booking through one Utiket partner, you will get an explanation for how to book it.

Utiket has worked with more than 400 travel agents in the cities of Indonesia. Confused in selecting agents? Don’t get confused because you just select an agent that is in your town then you will see the name of the travel agency and the details from the address, phone number, YM and websites to which you can call. Choose the closest to where you live. You can continue online by clicking booking ticket message and then fill out a form that has been provided in full or can be done via telephone or directly come to address whenever it possible.

Payment Confirmation

For those of you who do booking online through Utiket immediately check in your email inbox or spam because you will get a confirmation email about the ticket booking you have done. Then how about the payment? Be calm, to do payment you will get a confirmation email from Utiket partner or airline that you have chosen when making a reservation ticket. Oh yes, the price listed on the website is the price of airline. So if you do booking through a travel agent or one of the Utiket partners is likely different from the airline price for every travel agent airline has its own policy to add the cost of the ticket booking in your message.

Booking cost between travel agents with one another will be different. It is normally charged starting from IDR 10,000. You can ask directly about the booking costs to the travel agent you choose. To your note, the magnitude of the incremental booking cost is not for Utiket. Utiket does not get any benefit from booking tickets you are doing. Utiket only helps you get the best airfares as per your choice. Easy and practical, isn’t it? Good luck.

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