What's new on Utiket

What's new on Utiket

We have just undergone a major update of the website. Regular customers will notice immediately the new look but there are many new features which will make it easier to compare and find the best ticket. Not directly noticeable are some critical technical improvements behind the scene, necessary for the future growth of Utiket.

A list of the improvements:

  • New design and logo. The design improvements are small, only the results page has been totally redesigned to improve the user experience.

    The previous logo was just temporarily (we hope you did not really think that logo was permanent!). This logo was designed by Rumah Grafis, Jl. Menukan, Yogyakarta.

  • The results page has better filters now to select departure, arrival and flight times. Just move the slider to your favorite times and click Update.
  • Results are now listed in separate pages of 10 results each; it reduces the amount of data to be transferred and increases the speed of loading the results.
  • Where available we include the airplane type too, this information can be found on the booking page.
  • We started a weblog, once in a while we will post new stories all related to flying in Indonesia and South-east Asia. Have a good story? Let us know and we may post it on this weblog. Don't worry about which language, we have our own translators.
  • Calculating transfers on the next day. You may notice that when few tickets are found in a search, it will start to look for a transfer option with two different airlines. Previously this calculated transfers on the same day only. Now we also calculate options where the transfer flight is the next day. This means you need to stay the night, but it improves the results and options you have, especially on long routes or less reachable cities. And if you can save a half million Rupiah by staying a night in Jakarta, why not right?


Still many things to do to fulfill our mission of becoming on of the biggest flight search websites in Asia.

Now we have gone away, to a beach (Krakal, Baron province) for a few days to rest a bit, regain our energy and try to get rid of our sleep deprivation... but soon we will be adding more countries, airlines and new features like giving you the option to include in your search airports close by and calculating transfer options with two stops. You have any more ideas for improvement? Please tell us in the comments!

Team Utiket.com

3/7/2011 12:20:00 PM


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